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WooCommerce 2.1.7 released

WooThemes released WooCommerce 2.1.7

Release notes

  • Fix – Allow WC API to generate API keys for different user than the one that is making request.
  • Fix – Fix the SKU search logic so it works with other filters.
  • Fix – Correctly round shipping + shipping tax together when passes the tax inclusive total to paypal.
  • Fix – orderby – skip adding hidden input of submit on a GET so JS can submit properly.
  • Fix – Check wc_checkout_params.is_checkout against string ’1′ instead of int 1.
  • Fix – Check order exists when resuming on checkout.
  • Fix – When removing base taxes, round to precision.
  • Fix – Ensure _order_currency is set.
  • Fix – Use $wpdb->db_version() instead of mysql_get_server_info() deprecated in PHP 5.5.
  • Fix – myaccount registration added check for auto generate password option.
  • Fix – API: normalize both key and value before calculating OAuth signature.
  • Fix – API: double-encode percent symbols when normalizing parameters.
  • Fix – API: Remove post_parent so grouped simple products are also returned.
  • Fix – Clear featured transients when needed.
  • Fix – Stay on checkout when removing coupon.
  • Fix – Prevent totals refreshing on every keydown event on the checkout.
  • Fix – When hierarchy is off, only show children in the cat widget.
  • Fix – Delete term count transients after stock status change and trashed post.
  • Fix – During save_meta_boxes, only save for the “main” post being saved, not nested or subsequent save_post events.
  • Fix – Stop _wc_session_expires autoloading.
  • Fix – Remove nonce from comment form to prevent issues with caching.
  • Fix – reset grouped products correctly to work with short codes.
  • Fix – In admin, work out cart discount without tax amounts.
  • Tweak – Apply filters to $product_type and we can set a default product type to new products.
  • Tweak – wp_kses_post for meta display in admin.
  • Tweak – woocommerce_order_cancelled_notice hook.
  • Tweak – Use is_ssl() for get_woocommerce_api_url().
  • Tweak – Changes to filters to see if shipping is needed or not in the cart class.
  • Tweak – Chunk option names in cleanup_sessions() to reduce load.
  • Tweak – Change \WC_Order::add_order_note cap to edit_shop_order instead of manage_woocommerce.
  • Tweak – Allow filtering order statuses in dashboard reports widget.
  • Tweak – Added is_paying_customer() to easily check if a user is a WC customer.
  • Tweak – Allow query string fallback for REST API SSL auth.
  • Tweak – woocommerce_coupon_get_discount_amount filter in coupon class.
  • Tweak – More friendly/less blunt “no shipping” messages.
  • Tweak – use network_site_url instead of network_admin_url for multisite.
  • Tweak – Updater – Only show upgrade notices, and use transient cache.
  • Tweak – get_image_id method for use in email template. Shows correct variation images.
  • Tweak – added validation when save the frontend colors.


WooCommerce 2.1.6 released

WooThemes released WooCommerce 2.1.6

Release Notes

  • Fix – Fixed a bug where cron events are scheduled using a function name rather than a hook name.
  • Fix – Given transients not required on all pages expiration times to prevent autoloading.
  • Fix – Don’t trailingslash Order Cancel URLs with a Query String.
  • Fix – Switch to jquery trim to allow checkout in older IE.
  • Fix – Variation bulk sale price edit over reaching causing errors on save.
  • Fix – Only append generator tag on HTML pages.
  • Fix – AED currency symbol.
  • Fix – Move loop_end hooks as it is generic and used in all WP loops. Prevents some theme conflicts.
  • Fix – Lingering tooltip after gallery image delete.
  • Fix – Move plugin headers to main WC POT file.
  • Fix – Correct discount calculation in admin when fees are involved.
  • Fix – Fix sale flash for out of stock sale items.
  • Fix – Use protocol relative URLs in the cart widget because it gets cached and can display on https or http pages.
  • Fix – Fix term recount during WP callbacks.
  • Fix – Convert states to strings for PayPal (non-US).
  • Fix – Hide empty at walker level to fix category widget display.
  • Fix – form-login form values were not persistent after failed submission.
  • Fix – URL decode not needed for custom text attribute names.
  • Fix – Fix bulk editing variation sale price.
  • Fix – Remove comment exclusion in order notes meta box.
  • Fix – Sync min and max prices for regular and sale prices so prices are displayed correctly when sale price is lower than a regular price of another variation.
  • Fix – Expanding line item_meta causes conflicts if attributes are named with things like ‘name’, ‘type’ or ‘qty’. Added blacklist to exclude unsafe values.
  • Fix – Added support for clearing report transients when using object caching.
  • Fix – encoding issues with attribute values.
  • Fix – Escape the contents of the changelog when displayed.
  • Fix – Edge case where tax was still displayed for shipping when exempt.
  • Tweak – Allow city field to use another input method.
  • Tweak – Several new filters.
  • Tweak – PayPal, modify currency error message to include both sent and returned currencies for comparison.
  • Tweak – enable keyboard shortcuts in prettyPhoto.
  • Tweak – Add classes to item meta.
  • Tweak – Use is_purchasable to determine if a variation cart button is needed, and potentially show empty_price_html.
  • Tweak – new woocommerce_cart_taxes_total filter.
  • Tweak – new wc_cart_totals_taxes_total_html() function.
  • Tweak – Use API request URL for mijireh and PayPal callbacks.
  • Tweak – move variation data to tooltip in order items meta box.
  • Tweak – Store variation data for order items added through the admin.
  • Tweak – Billing Address > Billing Details text. We take more than address in this section.
  • Tweak – Delete terms transient during recount.
  • Refactor – jshint javascript files.
  • Localisation – add Bangladeshi currency and symbol.
  • Localisation – Bangladeshi states (districts).
  • Localisation – Croatian currency symbol.


WooCommerce 2.1.5 released

WooThemes released WooCommerce 2.1.5

Release Notes

  • Fix – Prevent notices on new plain text email parameter for BACS and Cheque gateways
  • Fix – Fixed issue where variation prices were hidden when variation stock management wasn’t set
  • Fix – Discounts fixed_product are now properly multiplied by quantity
  • Fix – Fixed bulk edit % increase and decrease
  • Fix – Extra check for access_expires when getting downloadable files
  • Fix – get_related method fixed tags OR query not excluding product ID
  • Tweak – Fallback for when add ons page is not loading
  • Tweak – Hide price suffix in admin panel lists


WooCommerce 2.1.4 released

WooThemes released WooCommerce 2.1.4

Release notes

  • Fix – Prevent duplicate loading of functions files
  • Fix – Fixed breaking timeline for reports
  • Fix – Category widget ordering
  • Fix – BACS and Cheque gateway emails now have a plain text flag
  • Fix – wc_get_product_ids_on_sale will never return 0
  • Fix – Prevent errors upon comments when order is in trash
  • Fix – Reviews widget now links to proper review anchor
  • Fix – Added support for permalinks containing a query string in wc_get_endpoint_url
  • Fix – Variable product add file button works after adding a new variation
  • Fix – Resolved issue where styles didn’t get compiled properly
  • Fix – Changed the save order so email data is correct for manual orders
  • Fix – Later hooking in for template redirect
  • Fix – Reverted load order change for language files and provided proper context
  • Fix – Made woocommerce_update_cart_action_cart_updated a filter which can return true or false to recalc totals
  • Fix – Updated sync logic to exclude hidden and out of stock variations from the price display
  • Fix – Changed set_stock to only make a variable product out of stock if all variations are stock managed to resync prices after stock changes
  • Fix – Use woocommerce_notify_no_stock_amount not 0 in variable class sync method
  • Fix – Suppress errors in download handler by silencing ob_flush and flush calls
  • Fix – load_textdomain first from WP_LANG_DIR before load_plugin_textdomain
  • Tweak – get_states method now returning false instead of array for countries without states
  • Tweak – Improved shipping language strings
  • Tweak – Remove admin check around global po translation file loading
  • Tweak – Improved styles for tab views
  • Refactor – Hardened code base and fixed strict standards notices


WooCommerce 2.1.3 released

WooThemes released WooCommerce 2.1.3

Release Notes

  • Fix – Use correct thresholds to calculate out of stock number in dashboard widget
  • Fix – Admin screen strings sanitised to work with Chinese characters
  • Fix – REST API OAuth signature fixed when using filter params
  • Fix – Ensure shipping address data for customers is updated if only shipping to billing address
  • Fix – Fixed sprintf missing parameter in customer-new-account.php template
  • Fix – Ampersand character properly outputted in plain text emails
  • Fix – Stack the password reset fields on smaller screens
  • Fix – Bulk edit options now reflect on all variations
  • Fix – Prevent notices when country has states but no states are specified in cart
  • Fix – Make my-account/view-order use the correct template file
  • Fix – Prevent session warnings when WordPress logs out
  • Fix – Prevent spaces in file names from breaking product thumbnails
  • Fix – Resolved issue where download permissions where not granted in some cases upon order complete
  • Fix – Prevent IE cursor from being stuck in loading animation
  • Fix – Ensure wc_get_product_ids_on_sale returns array of ints, not strings
  • Fix – Prevent rating stars from wrapping in IE
  • Fix – Rating stars properly aligned in small screens
  • Fix – Handle get_rate_code when no matching rate is found
  • Fix – Cleaned noticed that might show when tax rates left empty
  • Fix – Prevented warning when you have hide shipping methods until address entered selected in CoD
  • Fix – Better URL detection for subdirectory installs in get_woocommerce_api_url
  • Fix – Transient names are now md5 hashed so they don’t exceed max length
  • Fix – Fixed searching for orders and speed improvements there
  • Fix – “Show children of current category only” option working again in Product Category widget
  • Fix – Order search by SKU can now return multiple results again
  • Fix – Fixed alignment of radio button in settings API
  • Fix – Layered nav widget now shows terms again when using list OR
  • Fix – Prevent multiple attempts at cancelling actions on orders
  • Fix – Fixes in reporting for variations
  • Fix – My Accounts downloads section now shows files names
  • Fix – Improved code to log in via email address
  • Fix – When guest checkout is enabled, manual made admin orders can be paid without logging in
  • Fix – Fix product counts when subcategories are displayed
  • Fix – Fixed Relevanssi conflicts
  • Fix – Fixed issue with Mijireh incorrectly rounding shipping totals
  • Fix – Shipping class selection will be hidden for virtual variations
  • Fix – Prevent product percentage based coupons to stack discounts
  • Tweak – Added United Arab Emirates Dirham currency
  • Tweak – Enforce a static base for product permalink structures to prevent 404 issues
  • Tweak – Introducing woocommerce_get_username_from_email filter in login processing method
  • Tweak – Trash pages swapped for endpoints instead of force delete
  • Tweak – Flip default status of price_trim_zeros (defaults to true now)
  • Tweak – Performance improvements for My Account view with a lot of available downloads
  • Tweak – Introduces woocommerce_return_to_shop_redirect filter
  • Tweak – Improved tax rounding, to calculate an accurate tax total
  • Tweak – Introduced failsafes to prevent actions trying to take place on removed products
  • Tweak – Permalinks enabled data in REST API
  • Tweak – Filters to restrict granting/revoking access to files
  • Tweak – Added Canadian address format
  • Refactor – Multiple docblock updates
  • Refactor – Multiple code standards improvements
  • Refactor – Changed all text strings without explicit domain, to use the ‘woocommerce’ text domain


WooCommerce 2.1.2 released

WooThemes released WooCommerce 2.1.2

Release Notes

  • Fix – Removed nl2br function from plain text email-order-items email template
  • Fix – Made static string translatable in email-order-items email template
  • Fix – Added missing third parameter to _doing_it_wrong call
  • Fix – Sidebar in reports screen does now fit big numbers (long strings)
  • Fix – Report stock icon properly set up
  • Fix – Removed manual checks for AJAX requests, relying on DOING_AJAX constant now
  • Fix – Checkout get_value now returns null if no value is set, default can be used as fallback
  • Fix – Variation download url now cleaned via wc_clean instead of esc_url_raw
  • Fix – Wrap billing and shipping fields with a div/class to prevent field order issues
  • Fix – Fix line total display for order fees in admin panel order view page
  • Fix – Restored multiple image selection for product gallery
  • Fix – Update schemas before DBDELTA to fix mysql errors on update
  • Fix – Italian address formatting fix
  • Fix – Set countries as an array by default in the shipping abstract
  • Fix – Fixed term counts when terms span taxonomies
  • Fix – Fixed saving of fee tax total
  • Fix – Fixed “Shipping via” label in PayPal
  • Tweak – Tweak the order of checks in bulk_and_quick_edit_save_post to make it more efficient on autosave
  • Tweak – Always set order billing email address when user is logged in, if no email is provided
  • Refactor – Removed obsolete view order shortcode class
  • Localization – Multiple localization updates


WooCommerce 2.1.1 released

WooThemes released WooCommerce 2.1.1


  • Feature – Show notice if template files are out of date for themes including WooCommerce template files
  • Feature – Introducing supporting is_wc_endpoint_url function
  • Fix – During install, register all post types and endpoints so that the rewrite rules are correctly generated.
  • Fix – Allow line breaks in customer addresses on order details page
  • Fix – Fixed all language country codes to reflect WordPress standards
  • Fix – Payment gateway section links work in lower and upper caps texts
  • Fix – Prevents nonce notice when removing item from cart
  • Fix – Hide empty categories in product_categories shortcode
  • Fix – Fixed Twenty Thirteen single product page layout
  • Fix – Fix saving of checkboxes (off state) in widgets API
  • Fix – Proper password validation in user register on the My Account page
  • Fix – When add_to_cart is called, ensure the correct product_id is set for variations
  • Fix – Restored Italian translation files
  • Fix – Ensure stock status is updated. Prevents new products being hidden when the option to hide out of stock products is enabled
  • Fix – Fix manual order calculation when using non-standard decimal points
  • Tweak – Added Croatian Kuna currency
  • Tweak – Throw a non-fatal notice when file trying to be included as template doesn’t exist
  • Tweak – Add versions to all scripts + styles to ensure browser cache is cleared
  • Tweak – Added tinymce buttons relevant to the short description
  • Refactor – Removed unused change password template and shortcode class
  • Refactor – Several function dockblocks improved
  • Refactor – Stripped out some unused variables


WooCommerce 2.1.0 released

WooThemes released WooCommerce 2.1.0 today

This is major milestone in the development of WooCommerce.

Release Notes

  • Feature – New REST API
  • Feature – Define whether prices should be shown incl. or excl. of tax, and add an optional suffix.
  • Feature – Show grouped or itemized taxes during checkout.
  • Feature – Split frontend styles into separate appearance/layout stylesheets and removed the enable/disable option.
  • Feature – Added woocommerce-smallscreen.css to optimise default layout on handheld devices.
  • Feature – Bulk edit increase / decrease variation prices by fixed or percentage values
  • Feature – Admin action to link past orders of the same email address to a new user.
  • Feature – Account edit page for editing profile data such as email.
  • Feature – Customer list reports.
  • Feature – Reports – New design, export csvs, more data.
  • Feature – Ability to link past orders to a customer (before they registered).
  • Feature – Authorize option for paypal standard.
  • Feature – Separate options for countries you can ship to and sell to.
  • Feature – BACS supports multiple account details.
  • Feature – PayPal PDT support (as alternative to IPN).
  • Feature – Handling for password protected products.
  • Feature – Schema markup selector for downloadables.
  • Feature – woocommerce_get_featured_product_ids function.
  • Feature – WC_DELIMITER to customise the pipes for attributes
  • Feature – Standardized, default credit card form for gateways to use if they support ‘default_credit_card_form’.
  • Feature – Coupon usage limits per user (using email + ID).
  • Feature – Option to limit reviews to purchasers.
  • Feature – Option to install missing WooCommerce pages from tools page.
  • Feature – New notices API for adding errors/notices
  • Feature – Compatible with WordPress 3.8 default theme ‘TwentyFourteen’.
  • Feature – Added is_store_notice_showing conditional.
  • Feature – Allow gateways to change the checkout place order button text on selection.
  • Tweak – Added pagination to tax rate screens.
  • Tweak – Added filter to check the ‘Create account’ checkbox on checkout by default.
  • Tweak – Update CPT parameters for ‘product_variation’ and ‘shop_coupon’ to be no longer public.
  • Tweak – COD processing instead of on-hold.
  • Tweak – Added filter to explicitly hide terms agreement checkbox.
  • Tweak – New System Status report layout, now plugin list is better visually and very better to read.
  • Tweak – content-widget-product.php template for product lists inside core widgets.
  • Tweak – Shipping is now renamed to Shipping and Handling on checkout.
  • Tweak – Select all/none for countries in admin.
  • Tweak – Handling for multiselect fields on checkout, and a filter for third party handling.
  • Tweak – Made scripts/styles use protocol-relative URLs.
  • Tweak – Revised shiptobilling functionality on the checkout. “ship to different address” option used instead.
  • Tweak – Filterable page installer.
  • Tweak – Order details optimised for small screens.
  • Tweak – Streamlined account process – username and passwords are optional and can be automatically generated.
  • Tweak – Updated/new dummy data (including .csv files to be used with Product CSV Import Suite).
  • Tweak – Product shortcodes columns parameter now affects layout correctly.
  • Tweak – Disabled button styles.
  • Tweak – Hooks for overriding default email inline styles.
  • Tweak – Flat rate shipping support for percentage factor of additional costs.
  • Tweak – local delivery pattern matching for postcodes. e.g. NG1__ would match NG1 1AA but not NG10 1AA.
  • Tweak – Improved layered nav OR count logic
  • Tweak – Make shipping methods check if taxable, so when customer is VAT excempt taxes are not included in price.
  • Tweak – Coupon in admin bar new menu #3974
  • Tweak – Shortcode tag filters + updated menu names to make white labelling easier.
  • Tweak – Removed placeholder polyfill. Use this plugin to replace functionality if required:
  • Tweak – Replaced all instances of → and ← in frontent using wc icon font plus .wc-forward and .wc-backward utility classes.
  • Tweak – Add review form no longer opens in lightbox.
  • Tweak – Move average rating outside of hidden tab for google #3867.
  • Tweak – Add formatted_woocommerce_price filter.
  • Fix – Changed MyException to Exception in Checkout class as MyException class does not exist in WooCommerce
  • Fix – Default cart widget styling on non-wc pages.
  • Fix – Rounding for mijireh tax ex. price.
  • Fix – Updated blockui to prevent errors in WP 3.6.
  • Fix – Tweaked popularity sorting to work better when no sales are present.
  • Fix – Quote encoding in email subjects.
  • Fix – Added $wp_error parameter during checkout process to ensure WP_Error object is returned on error and checkout process is properly stopped.
  • Refactor – Taken out Piwik integration, use from now on.
  • Refactor – Taken out ShareYourCart integration, use from now on.
  • Refactor – Moved woocommerce_get_formatted_product_name function into WC_Product class.
  • Refactor – Improved parameter handling in woocommerce_related_products() function.
  • Refactor – Widget classes (added abstract and combined similar widgets).
  • Refactor – Removed pay and thanks pages. Endpoints are used instead.
  • Refactor – Removed certain my-account pages. Endpoints are used instead.
  • Localization – Portuguese locale by jpBenfica.
  • Localization – Swedish translation by Björn Sennbrink.
  • Localization – Japanese translation by Shohei Tanaka.
  • Localization – Danish translation by Mikael Lyngvig.
  • Localization – Spanish translation by Luis Giménez.
  • Localization – French, Spanish, Romanian, Danish, Korean, Czech, Arabic, Hungarian updates.


Help translating WooCommerce 2.1

As announced on 5 December 2013, WooCommerce now has one translation site for all languages.

The benefit of using Transifex for translations is the increased collaboration and teamwork compared to Git pull/merge requests.

At the moment of writing, the WooCommerce 2.1 has been fully translated into:

  • English
  • Bulgarian
  • Finnish
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Hungarian

This page could be found at